Most Essential Use for the Right baby stroller

Most Essential Use for the Right baby stroller

The American stroller is less bulky than other types of stroller baby journey: we recommend it if you do not have much space at home. However, the main disadvantage of the American stroller is that you will not be able to use it until your baby is 6 months old. Indeed, the use of the swivel carrycot for babies under 6 months is not recommended, due to its instability. In addition, the baby stroller is quite heavy: if you live on the 5th floor without an elevator, go your way!

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The 3-wheel stroller

Parents runners, or lovers of walks on the beach or in the countryside, the 3-wheel stroller is made for you! Indeed, this top-of-the-range stroller is all-terrain: at the beach on the sand, or in the countryside in bumpy roads, it will not fail you Are you planning to take baby in his stroller for your running sessions? You need a stroller with 3 wheels, more resistant than a classic stroller. One drawback to this stroller: some models can only be used from 6 months, and up to 3 years, remember to check the age required before getting one!

The cane stroller

The cane stroller is named after it because when folded it looks like a cane. This stroller is particularly light, and very easily foldable. It is therefore very practical to take everywhere, and ideal for urban parents. Your baby is installed facing the road and thus appreciates the environment around him. The cane stroller is used from the moment your baby knows how to sit, approximately 6 months. Be careful, however, because the comfort of it is a bit basic for a small baby. We therefore recommend that you opt for the cane stroller from 18 months.

The luxury cane stroller

The luxury cane stroller looks the same as the classic cane stroller, but is more comfortable for your baby. Therefore, it is heavier, less easy to fold, and its price is higher.

The multiple stroller

Do you have several small children? Or do you have two little twins? You absolutely need a stroller in duo, or in trio! The multiple stroller is presented in different ways according to your needs: with 2 or 3 seats, juxtaposed or superimposed. Their sturdy frame is made to support the weight of your children.

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Safety criteria to take into account when buying a stroller

Compliance with stroller safety standards

Before investing in a stroller, it is essential to ensure that it complies with French (NF S 54-001) and European (EN 1888) safety standards. These standards ensure that the stroller model has been tested beforehand to ensure the safety of your baby. These tests are carried out in particular on the stability of the stroller, the locking, braking and locking mechanisms when stationary. In addition, they make sure that the strollers are neither flammable nor composed of chemical substances that are harmful to the child.

Choosing a stroller with a good braking system

Avoid any disaster by equipping yourself with a stroller equipped with a good braking system. Thus, stop in all serenity to remake your shoelace, while guaranteeing the safety of your baby.