These are the mothers of Ciske: Brigitte Nijman and Ellen Evers

Brigitte Nijman and Ellen Evers will play the mother roles in Ciske de Rat – the Musical. Ellen takes on the role of Mother Vrijmoeth, Ciske’s mother. Brigitte will appear in the role of Tante Jans, his stepmother. “We are very happy that Brigitte Nijman and Ellen Evers will be playing these striking women in this completely new version of this musical. With her beautiful voice, Brigitte is a dreamed Aunt Jans, and I am convinced that with her experience in many beautiful roles, craftsman Ellen Evers will create an impressive Mother Vrijmoeth. I look forward to seeing them on stage next to Danny de Munk! ”Said Albert Verlinde.

Brigitte: “The role of Tante Jans was definitely on my wish list! Ciske de Rat is such a beautiful, moving, and originally Dutch story that I really wanted to be part of the cast. Aunt Jans is a warm woman, and she has a special bond with Ciske. I am really looking forward to playing the part. ”

Ellen: “I think it’s great that I can play Mother Vrijmoth. She is quite a complicated lady, and she is far from me, but that makes it all the more fun to play the part. Moreover, Ciske de Rat is a real Amsterdam story, which makes it extra special for me as a born Amsterdam resident to be in this performance! ”.

Ciske de Rat – the Musical can be seen for four months from November 2016 in the DeLaMar Theater in the heart of Amsterdam and then tours the largest theaters in the Netherlands. It was previously announced that Danny de Munk would play the role of Cis de Man. Ticket sales for the performances in the DeLaMar Theater have now started.

Brigitte Nijman

Brigitte started her career in the theater group ‘Jeans’ and has appeared in various musicals such as The Sound of Music, Evita, Grease, Can you tell me the way to Hamelin, Grace, and Pietje Bell. She played the young Willeke Alberti in his jubilee show Gold and was heard as a soloist in theater concerts such as Musicals to the Max, Songfestival in Concert, and A Tribute to the Bee Gees. With Laura Vlasblom, she made her own theater performance Haar.

Ellen Evers

Ellen also started her career with ‘Jeans’ and then played roles in musicals like Cats, Miss Saigon, Chicago, 3 Musketeers, Mamma Mia! , Turks Fruit, Cabaret, The Full Monty, and The Sound Of Music. As a soloist, she has appeared in various theater programs, including Telkens Weer Het Dorp, Liedjes van Toon, The World Goes Round, and her solo programs Van Eva Tot Evers and Ellen, Finally Solo.

Ciske de Rat – the Musical

Ciske de Rat – the Musical is based on the trilogy of Piet Bakker and tells the famous story of the Amsterdam street cafe Ciske. In the musical, in addition to the filmed story of little Ciske, the story of the adult Cis de Man is also told.

Ciske de Rat is an original Dutch musical. The music was written by composer Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar). Script and lyrics are written by André Breeland, who, together with Maurice Wijnen, is also responsible for editing the trilogy. Paul Eenens, previously responsible for the original production, is developing a completely new direction. Daan Wijnands is responsible for the also new choreography.


Evaluating The Response To Your Website Marketing 

Evaluating The Response To Your Website Marketing

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Girlfriend 7: Singer Brigitte Nijman Gave Up Her Desire To Have Children

Singer Brigitte Nijman (45), known from musicals like Grease, was eager to have children with her friend Robert. But no matter what she tried, it didn’t work. In the middle of the fourth IVF attempt, she decided to quit. “Suddenly, I thought: maybe it is not destined for me.”

Singer Brigitte Nijman (45), known from musicals like Grease, was eager to have children with her friend Robert. But no matter what she tried, it didn’t work. In the middle of the fourth IVF attempt, she decided to quit. “Suddenly, I thought: maybe it is not destined for me.”

When did your child wish to come about?

“Actually, only when I met Robert, my husband. I didn’t dream of children when I was young, but I thought they would get there someday. As many women think, more like a fixed term. There was no concrete 96ace idea behind it yet. When I was 32, my previous relationship ended, and I went to live on my own. I worked hard in the theater, and it was important to keep doing that because I had to take care of myself again. ”

You didn’t want to start a child on your own?

“No, my dream was to do that with someone. My parents are divorced; I was raised by my stepfather, whom I consider my father. I used to think: if I can ever have children, it is with someone I want to stay with for the rest of my life. When I first met Robert, I was already 39. I remember, after two months, I said, “I think I want to be the mother of your children.” I knew that very quickly ”

When did you really put your child’s wish into practice?

“Even before our wedding. But yes, Robert already had two daughters, and he was sterilized afterward. In his case, it was not possible to reverse that, so getting pregnant was not possible naturally. Yet Robert immediately supported my wish. He even said, “But then we must hurry!” He then also initiated the process. We went into the medical mill before the wedding. Immediately after that, I started hormone treatment. ”


Brigitte Nijman About Divorce: ‘It Takes Some Getting Used To, Living Alone’

Brigitte Nijman has started again in Weesp. For years she lived with her husband Robert Veuger in Amsterdam, but they broke up, and the divorce started. According to the musical actress, there is no other in the mmc996 game. “It would be nice for the distraction, but no.

After a ten-year marriage to Robert Veuger, Brigitte Nijman lives alone again. “In Weesp, with the two dogs we share,” she says. “It’s getting used to, living alone, I can’t deny that. It’s not the best thing there is, but that’s the way it is. We are now half a year apart, but not yet officially separated. We are working on that. ”

The divorce was inevitable, according to the 49-year-old musical actress. “We tried everything, but we never got together again. What also didn’t help was the problems with my vocal cord nerve, “she says. Brigitte had a benign tumor on the right side of her thyroid gland that burned away, accidentally burning her vocal cord nerve. “That made it impossible for me to speak. That complication was not indicated in advance. ” That issue exacerbated the relational crisis. ‘We were already having a hard time when I started doing productions for which I was away a lot. Due to the hassle of my vocal cord paralysis, I got home, and suddenly we were very much on each other’s lips. “

Adultery is not an issue, according to Brigitte. “There is no other in the game. It would be nice for the distraction, but no. My head is not really there, I wouldn’t be able to do it now, ‘says the musical star. “As for a possible new relationship, I don’t want to think about it. I have to recover from everything first. “

Brigitte Nijman starts her new life after the divorce in Weesp. There she has bought a modern city house of 125 m2 for 555,000 euros.

The house was for sale for 549,000 euros. The musical actress ends up in a cozy courtyard, has a small city garden and a roof terrace on the first floor. The ground floor is split level, with the large eat-in kitchen a few steps higher than the living room. The modern kitchen has a concrete molded countertop with seven meters of workspace. In the middle of the kitchen is a large stove with two ovens, a grill, and a warming plate. The kitchen has a natural stone tile floor, while the living room has an oak floor. On the first floor, there are three bedrooms and a bathroom with a bath cum shower. One floor up is the fourth bedroom. Because the courtyard is car-free, it is parked in the underground parking garage under the houses.


Brigitte Nijman ‘Hysterical’ About Collaboration With Bos

(Novum) – Musical star Brigitte Nijman is ‘very happy’ that she can collaborate with composer Ruud Bos. “I became hysterical when I heard that Ruud Bos was going to compose and write all the songs for the musical ‘Pietje Bell,'” Nijman tells Novum News. Bos wrote the song ‘If you only knew’ for Nijman.

Ruud Bos previously composed the famous song ‘Every time again’ for Willeke Alberti. “That’s my favorite song. I asked Ruud if he wanted to write a second ‘Over and over again’ for me. Then he came up with ‘If you only knew,'” explains Brigitte. The song is used in the musical when the Rotterdam street cafe Pietje Bell is missing. “It is very often that you only miss something when it is no longer there, and that is what the song is about.”

Nijman, 35, started rehearsals of the musical last week. She plays the role of Martha Bell, Pietje’s older sister. “Martha is a very sweet girl. She is a teacher and the ideal daughter,” explains Brigitte. “Martha thinks she’s quite chic, but she can also enjoy her Rotterdam names now and then.” Nijman is himself born and bred Rotterdam resident. “I speak generally civilized Dutch like Martha, but when I am angry or at home, the accent quickly comes up.”

Nijman has not read all eight books about Pietje Bell and his friends Sproet and Peentje, ‘only the first book.’ “I wanted to have some information about Martha, about who she was, and what kind of family she comes from. And her relationship with her brother and her parents.” According to Nijman, the musical is a self-contained story, although it is based on the books of writer Chris van Abkoude.

Nijman, who broke through with leading roles in musicals like ‘Grease,’ ‘Evita,’ and ‘Hamelin,’ has little time for other activities besides her role of Martha Bell. “Now and then during the rehearsal period I do some gigs with the groups I am in, ‘Airforce’ and ‘Heidi und die heino’s’. But such a role is very intensive, and I will play this role seven sometimes eight times a week, “she explains. “Then I think earlier: ‘what time can I go to bed.'”

In addition to Nijman, Eric Beekes (Aunt Cato), Johnny Kraaijkamp, ​​Jr. (Jozef Geelman) and Kiki Classen (Mother Bell) also play a leading role in the musical. On October 19 ‘Pietje Bell’ will premiere in the Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.